Titanium Heater

Maximum Efficiency, No Mineral Buildup

titanium heater

Supreme Corrosion Resistance

Peace of mind, no-fault warranty coverage

When analyzing what element of a hot tub is most integral to a spa owner, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of a reliable, efficient heater.

Arctic Spas® doesn’t settle for the standard, instead we aim to push the boundaries of dependability, longevity, and convenience. Through the design of our Titanium Heater, we have reached the pinnacle of spa warming technology.

Corrosion resistant titanium offers the perfect material to prevent mineral buildup, while standing up to the test of time. This metal guarantees strength against the year-round use of your spa, keeping you warm and relaxed on demand.

Complete with a five-year, no-fault warranty, you can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with including a durable, high-performance, titanium heater in your spa.